Dream Glass 4K, a different AR headphones that triumph on Indiegogo

With the time we spend in front of the screens of our electronic devices, it is possible that on some occasion we have been bothered that someone comes to look at what we are doing with our mobile devices, the work that we are doing with our desktops, or simply we want to have a completely private experience when it comes to enjoying our favorite content or games.

To solve all these circumstances, come now Dream Glass 4K, some interesting Augmented Reality headphones (rather Augmented Reality glasses that will remind you of Google Glass) that, unlike the usual Augmented Reality headphones, do not isolate us from the physical environment in which we find ourselves, knowing at all times the place where we are for safety, while we are enjoying the contents from our electronic devices with total vividness.

In this sense, we can have in your 200 ″ AR display from browsing our favorite social networks to the contents of the platforms of streaming like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, or even YouTube, going through the games on our consoles, in complete privacy and totally immersive, being able to carry these plug & play headphones the contents of our phones and tablets, video game consoles, desktops, and more (they even talk about the images of drones), via HDMI port, where applicable, there are adapters for specific devices.

But also, the Dream Glass 4K are able to offer us interactive experiences, and even protect our sight from blue waves, being a compact and comfortable device to use.

These and other characteristics of the Dream Glass 4K (which from the name is obvious that it also supports UHD content) is making the crowdfunding campaign in which it is immersed in Indiegogo, is being quite successful, to the point of exceeding more than 2000% the goal set, with 22 more days remaining in the campaign, with all its rewards still available, with delivery forecast for the month of September to specific locations (they do not ship anywhere in the world).

Those interested have all the details, as always, on the campaign website.

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