Dreame F9, a new robot vacuum cleaner worth knowing

Today we are presented with the Dreame F9, a new vacuum cleaner with visual navigation that is capable of scanning 30,000 data points per second, accurately calibrating the coordinates in real time and correcting the route at all times to optimize the route it takes in our home.

It is the new device from the Dreame brand, a brand that we have already talked about previously in the vertical vacuum cleaners sector. Now they present their bet in the field of floor robots, and they do so with an intelligent algorithm capable of calculating the route 50 times per second and planning everything optimally.

Among the functions that are worth highlighting, we have:

– Map memory and area division – Cleaning of selected areas – Possibility of establishing virtual limits through the software – Cleaning of different areas – Rename rooms

It has intelligent control through the Mijia application, which supports multiple methods of voice interaction.

As regards its battery, it is 5200 mAh, with up to 150 minutes of autonomy to guarantee a cleaning effect of up to 250.

The suction power is 2500 Pa, and it has intelligent carpet detection. The collector is two-layer and with the filtration system removes micron-sized dust.

It also has a 200 ml water tank and antibacterial microfiber cloth for scrubbing.

In the tests carried out we can highlight two great advantages: it is lower than many of its category, so it can fit under cabinets, and the much quieter, reducing to 65dB.

On prices, you can find it in this link with a 28% discount, being for 187.76 euros.

Its original price is 275.47EUR, with a discount it starts at 198.33EUR, but an extra coupon of 12 euros can be applied, thus remaining for 187.76. The Aliexpress promotion starts today and runs until 9:00 am on July 11.

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