Dropbox announces the acquisition of DocSend to complete its range of business products

Dropbox is a service that originally began as a simple platform for hosting files in the cloud for end users, although along the way, it changed course to specifically target companies through a series of additional services that allow them to improve their performance. workflow, also seeking to maintain its long-term viability.

In this regard, Dropbox is now taking a further step in this regard by announcing its plans to acquire Docsend, the platform specialized in sharing and tracking documents securely by email, for an amount of about 165 million dollars.

DocSend has been carrying out a series of improvements for years and taking its integration into the main cloud hosting platforms, including Dropbox since 2014, where in the case of Dropbox, DocSend became one of its official partners in 2019. , although the heads of both companies have been in close relationships for more years.

From DocSend they point out that:

DocSend’s more than 17,000 clients, from customer services to investor relations, use its tools to close trade deals, onboard clients, share confidential financial documents and more.

Now, with the acquisition of DocSend and in combination with HelloSign, the company specialized in the electronic signature of documents that Dropbox acquired in 2019, from Dropbox they point out that:

And when combined, Dropbox, DocSend, and HelloSign will offer a complete suite of self-service products to help businesses around the world manage end-to-end critical document workflows and drive meaningful business results.

For Dropbox, the fact of the increase in remote work due to the situation we are going through does not escape, and where in fact it knows that the future may be more oriented to distributed work, its new acquisition will allow it to grow more quickly in the segment of the range. of self-management services oriented to companies, clearly pointing out that:

The combination of Dropbox, DocSend, and HelloSign help streamline workflows for sales, finance, customer service, and executive teams across industries.

Opposing Dropbox is Box, its most direct rival, which already had its equivalent function to share documents securely by email, and which recently acquired SignRequest for $ 55 million, with the aim of boosting more workflows. complexes within companies.

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