Dropbox launches a family plan and new security features

The Dropbox team announced a number of new features that will be rolled out at different stages. These developments are focused on security, better file management and new options to adapt to the needs of users.

One of the novelties is the official presentation of the Dropbox password manager, which follows a similar dynamic to LastPass or 1Password. This new proposal offers a plus to its users, since they will not have to resort to another service to manage this key part of digital activity.

A new service was also introduced to make an automatic backup of our team’s folders in Dropbox. For example, you can configure Dropbox to make an automatic copy of the Images or Documents folders on your PC.

So it will not be necessary to move the files to dedicated folders so that they are synchronized with our Dropbox account, now we can select entire folders to make a backup copy. On the other hand, they also announced Dropbox Family, a system that follows the same style as Google One, allowing a family group (up to 6 members) to use the service under the same payment account.

They can assign sections for shared files, photos and documents. And of course, a private section for each member. In a first stage it will be enabled for Dropbox Plus users and later it will be extended to the rest. And a bonus in addition to this update, which is not yet available, is the integration of HelloSign natively to sign documents without leaving Dropbox. This novelty will be implemented from next month.

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