Dropbox Passwords will also be available for free accounts

We were already warned that the LastPass password manager will limit free accounts from today, preventing users from using them in different categories of devices simultaneously, eliminating multiplatform capacity from the equation, which will only be maintained in paid plans.

This change and the controversial finding of trackers integrated into its application, of up to seven in total, is leading to users of this service who may feel annoyed, may be looking for alternatives to which they can migrate their passwords, and options are not lacking in the market, of course.

Arriving at the most opportune moment

And the last contender to join is Dropbox, which has announced that its password management service Dropbox Passwords, launched during the summer of last year for all platform payment plans, will also reach free accounts, although that is, with the limitation put on the storage of up to 50 passwords maximum and, with automatic synchronization for three devices.

In this way, Dropbox Passwords becomes another alternative for all users, not only for those willing to enter payment plans, where in addition, everyone will enjoy a level of security with zero-knowledge encryption, where only users , and only they, will know their passwords, being able to use them when accessing any of the applications and services where they are registered.

More precisely, from Dropbox they point out that:

  • Keep your 50 most important passwords in a safe place
  • Access passwords anywhere with automatic syncing on up to three devices
  • Securely share any password with anyone (coming soon)

On this last point, I am especially struck by the fact that Bitwarden, another alternative, also recently introduced a similar function, although not limited to passwords only.

The opening announced to all users will take place at the beginning of next April, so users of the free basic plan will also be able to take advantage of Dropbox Passwords from then on.

There will be no shortage of options that want to apply as alternatives, trying to rescue annoying users with the established changes, and what is more important, it is possible that a percentage of users of the free plan can access the full version of Dropbox Passwords through some of the payment plans in the future.

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