Ducati presents 3,700 euro electric bike

After a long time waiting for a new Ducati motorcycle, he now surprises us with a new electric vehicle, a bicycle, the Ducati e-Scrambler, valued at approximately 3,700 euros.

This is an urban approach, something different from what I have been doing so far with high-performance mountain e-bikes, an urban trekking bike with a Shimano e-bike system at its core.

It features the Shimano Steps E7000 motor, which produces 250 nominal watts and an actual torque of 60 Nm, all from a 2.8 kg half-disc configuration.

The Shimano 504 Wh battery can give you an autonomy of about 120 km, although they are numbers based on similar configurations, since Ducati has preferred not to get wet on this issue (after all, autonomy depends on many factors).

It weighs only 22.5 kg, and its design includes included fenders, integrated lights and a heavy-duty frame with fairly large volume tires.

We are thus faced with a high specification urban trekking bike that does not pretend to be economical or compete with others in its sector, where there are much more economical and interesting options in terms of performance. But if you are a fan of Ducati, surely you would like to have an ace for urban commuting.

You can see its details in this link.

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