E-knee, an electronic knee brace with Artificial Intelligence

Knee braces can help prevent injury and strain without stressing the body too much, but not all knees are the same, so the creators of E-knee decided to create something much more sophisticated.

It is a wearable that can be adjusted dynamically and in real time depending on the movement we make, using movements learned thanks to the training of an AI system.

It is featured on kickstarter as a new way to get just the right amount of pressure using micro-airbags and customizable compression. When the gyroscope detects powerful movement, the built-in ARM chip tells the microcompressors to pressurize the airbags based on different levels of pressure and movement., all in real time.

It has three preloaded profiles for resting (sitting), low intensity (jogging) and high intensity (basketball, for example) situations. Once the gyroscope detects a different activity level, it changes modes in three seconds and instantly inflates or deflates the airbags.

E-Knee offers the perfect fit regardless of the person’s constitution. The breathable fabric stretches around the leg without restricting movement, and uses an automatic adjustment system to fit the knees. E-Knee detects different levels of air pressure depending on the initial tension and saves the data for the next time.

If the battery dies while wearing the knee brace, the E-Knee will remain pressurized.

They are currently being sold for $ 129 on kickstarter, where they indicate that shipments will be made from June of this year 2021.

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