Earn money doing what your followers ask you

When it comes to social networks, it is always common to find posts of people asking their followers trivia or doing surveys about what item of clothing to wear or buy, where to eat or what color to paint their hair.

However, it seems that there are some influencers within these platforms who have found in the mini-surveys a means to generate income. This, through NewNew, a tool with functions that allow users to ask questions and post them on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter.

Once done, those followers interested in participating must pay to choose any of the options present in the survey where in the end the influencer must comply with the one that is the winner.

While the initiative looks like a viable business model, it makes influencers a kind of puppet by being willing to do what their followers decide through these surveys.

In this sense, Courtne Smith, the creator of NewNew, expressed that this platform presents a scheme in its operations that works in a similar way to the stock market, where any user can have the opportunity to acquire shares (expressed in votes) that grant authority. in a way to control the life of the influencer with their polls.

Through NewNew, the influencer must simply create their poll with the options and publish it so that their followers can vote and decide in a majority way which of them they should comply with.

However, only those who have iOS devices can participate, since for now NewNew is available to be downloaded on this platform through this link.

Some influencers have already been contacted by NewNew to test the tool on platforms such as TikTok or YouTube. In the event that a survey is published that is offensive or inappropriate, NewNew can exercise authority in this regard and expel the influencer responsible for it.

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