Easy 7-Zip is the 7-Zip enhancement you didn't know you wanted

Easy 7-Zip is the 7-Zip enhancement you didn't know you wanted

7-Zip is one of the main competitors of giants like WinRAR, but perhaps one of the most negative points that its development has is that it could be much better and the updates it gets to see are rather few. Luckily we are not the only ones who thought about it, and in gHacks they have discovered a small 7-Zip modification that powers this program with a few improvements that allow it to compete with the rest of the giants in a much closer way.

The improvements that Easy 7-Zip includes can be summarized in four simple points, as its name promises:

  • The context menu is renewed, although in a minimal way, so that it is much more visual and beautiful for the user. Small details that end up being appreciated when we talk about design and user experience.
  • The extract files window comes with steroids: it now includes options such as opening the extraction folder when decompression is complete, deleting the file that we decompressed when we are done with it, and opening the window in which we have selected to decompress, in addition to show remaining space in storage.
  • The file histories are unified, in such a way that the archived file histories with the extract tool and the program itself occupy a single history that shows us up to the previous 30 folders.
  • In the original program, when we minimize decompression, it becomes low priority. With the modification this does not happen: even if we hide it in the taskbar, it still has the priority that we have given it from the beginning.

In other words, they are minimal changes but they are greatly appreciated when handling it every day. If you want to try it for yourself, you can use the installer available on the project website.

Download Easy 7-Zip (x86) (exe)

Download Easy 7-Zip (64 bit) (exe)

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