Eclipse, a device loader that is standing out in kickstarter

If you want to get rich, think of a way to charge devices that eliminates sight cables.

As we fill our homes with phones, tablets, connected glasses, cameras, kindles, drones, and other battery-powered devices, they also fill up with cables constantly hanging from all available plugs, offering a nice chaos that seems to increase day by day.The solution is to wait for the technology to be developed to allow wireless charging, but it seems that we will have to wait longer than initially expected. Meanwhile, some companies are thinking of solutions that hide cables inside visually attractive devices, and one of them is having quite a bit of success at kickstarter. This is Eclipse, a circle with a wood finish that hides three chargers inside, with cables that can be stored in a subtle and organized way at any time. It has USB-C inputs and one of them with the option to change to USB-A.

The idea is to do something similar to what Google does with routers: offer technological solutions within devices that seem to come from an architecture and design studio.

The project pedaled 50,000 dollars to become a reality. They have already doubled that amount and there are still 22 days left in the campaign. The chargers will cost $ 80 and will ship within a few weeks, so stay tuned.

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