Elyments, the alternative to Facebook and WhatsApp in a single application

For all those looking for a alternative to Facebook and WhatsApp, from India comes Elyments, the new social platform that, in a simplified way, and under the premise of privacy by design, adds social networking and messaging functions in the same mobile application.

For this, the application, which has had a million downloads in its first 24 hours, standing out in the Play Store in India, has a structure of tabs at the bottom of the screen that facilitate access to its current functions, although in the coming months will make room for new features.

The first tab gives access to a page with a series of media divided by categories, allowing access to its original content from the application itself, without the need to open an external web browser.

It is in the second tab where users will find the elementary social network functions, having access to two walls, the staff and the wall of the publications of the personalities available on the platform.

In any of the publications available on both walls, users will be able to add comments and likes, in addition to sharing them on its walls. When creating their own publications, they can capture images from the camera, add photos or videos, or even indicate with the friend they are with, being able to limit the scope of the publications through the different levels of privacy.

In the next tab you will find the basic messaging function, where individual and group conversations can be established, although it also allows audio and video calls to be made.

And as it could not be otherwise, in the next tab you will find the notifications, both for activity and for the requests that are arriving, and in the last one you will find the usual configuration options.

Elyments points out that the communications in its app are end-to-end encrypted, and among its 10 supported languages ​​is available a version of spanish, taking into account that the platform is aimed at a global audience, to which must be added its simple interface, which will facilitate its rapid adoption for those who do not want to complicate their lives when it comes to being in contact with family and friends.

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