Emojli, the app with which we can only speak with emojis

Emojli, the app with which we can only speak with emojis

Emoji have been perfectly integrated into our online conversations, and thanks to the increasing variety we can use them as substitutes for whole sentences. Just grimace with a gesture and your interlocutor will surely understand you better than if you write a spiel, with much less effort. So, why not completely eliminate the need to write?

Communicating by symbols

That is the starting point of Emojli, a future messenger app for iOS in which you can only use emojis to express yourself, even for our username; In this way we can say goodbye to spam, misspellings and other negative points of written communication. Instead, we will have to find the images that best suit what we mean.

Matt and I came up with the idea, and we figured if we didn’t believe it, no one else would. We weren’t quite convinced until we came up with the idea that even username should be emoji at the time we both got fed up laughing and decided to create it. Tom Scott, co-creator of Emojli

Sounds like a joke, and the truth is that reading one of its creators really seems to be. But no, we can enter the official emojli website and register a username (there are still combinations of only two symbols), pending the launch of the app for iOS. At the moment start as an instant messaging app, but it can evolve into something more like a social network.

Do you feel that emoji are enough to express you, or will the intent of the message be lost along the way? Can you create your own language around emoji? For now Emojli has managed to attract attention, it remains to be seen if he will do something with it.

Source | Emojli

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