Enjoy and share YouTube videos with your friends and Uptime

Enjoy and share YouTube videos with your friends and Uptime

Uptime is a new application for watch YouTube videos with your friends.

Approximately a year ago Google created Area 120, a space or department in which the company’s own employees could unleash their imagination and carry out their own projects. The application Uptime It has left there and you can now install it on your mobile.

With hundreds of millions of hours of video consumed daily by hundreds of millions of users, YouTube is the video platform par excellence on the Internet and Uptime wants you to enjoy it with yours.

Uptime, videos and reactions with your friends

What does Uptime allow to do? Basically it is a place where share the videos that you are enjoying on YouTube with your friends and, at the same time, see those that are playing them. The idea is quite simple, as if it were a social network focused on YouTube videos.

The idea is to watch videos together and at the same time, being able to add all kinds of reactions and chatting in real timeto comment on what is happening.

Like any other social network, Uptime also gives the possibility to follow users, that will serve to discover new content on YouTube In addition, the application itself will recommend new videos and people to follow based on your preferences.

Now UpTime is limited to iOS, Apple’s system for its mobile devices, so you can only try it if you have an iPhone. Being an application that comes out of Google workers, reach Android? At the moment there are no plans for that to happen, so we can wait sitting down.

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