Error on Instagram blocked user accounts randomly

Instagram users have found themselves unable to access their accounts in the middle of this week since, apparently, they had been removed. And it happens just in the same week that Instagram was taking action against fake accounts and third-party applications that were dedicating themselves to contaminating the platform by generating spam comments and automatically following other users.

It is, as the same platform has been commented to various media, an error that has been randomly blocking user accounts for no apparent reason. This has motivated the logical anger of the users, who have decided to express themselves through other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and even through Reddit, to publicly share their discomfort since, in addition to not being able to access their accounts, There were also no notifications about why their accounts were not available.Some have even attempted to retrieve their accounts by making unsuccessful efforts, as they also do not receive SMS messages that enable them to recover their accounts. Instagram notes that it is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and in fact the affected accounts are already gradually returning to normal, so some affected users can already log back into their accounts and continue to use them.

In this regard, it will become an anecdote once all the user accounts affected by this problem have been restored.

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