Exclusive iPad Pro edition at auction to raise funds for the Design Museum in London

Jonathan / JonyIve, Apple's chief designer (CDO) and the first to leave explaining the benefits of the company's products in his promotional videos, has given, along with his team, an exclusive edition of the iPad Pro to the Museum of Design in London to collaborate with the latter in the collection of funds to change headquarters. The museum collects outstanding works and products in which design such as technique and art stands out.

In short, it is not just an iPad Pro, an iPad Smart Cover and an Apple Pencil are included, all with striking peculiarities in their experience: A color between green and yellow for the iPad enriched by a small inscription that highlights its exclusivity, a Blue Leather Smart Cover -they remember in The Verge that there are no official leather covers of this style- and an Apple Pencil in orange leather and adorned with a small gold detail.

As for the price, the auction house Phillips, responsible for the promotion and sale of the kit, places it between 10,000 and 15,000 (between 14,000 and 21,000 dollars), so whoever has such an amount can contact to keep this Brand new iPad designed by Jony Ive himself in exclusive edition and by the way help with the funding of the London Design Museum.

More information: Phillips website

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