Facebook and Instagram users can now appeal third-party content

The Facebook Supervisory Board is the highest body of appeal that the social media platform launched in October of last year, as the last way that Facebook and Instagram users have to make appeals on content moderation decisions. that have been carried out, having to exhaust all the previous pathways available to them.

Until now, users had only the possibility of going to this body to appeal the decisions to eliminate their content that they considered did not give rise, seeking their final restitution.

But from now on, users will also be able to start make appeals for the removal of content published by third parties that, after exhausting previous content moderation processes, have remained available and are under the conviction that they should be removed wherever they are published.

In this sense, the contents that can be covered by the Supervisory Board continue to be publications or status updates, photos, videos, comments, and even what is shared by other users within the platform.

Facebook notes that this expansion of the possibilities of Supervision andr gradually reaching (in waves) all Facebook and Instagram users over the next few weeks.

Designed to be effective and with privacy in mind

Still, keep in mind that this organ only choose very specific cases, so there are no guarantees that the appeals made by users will go to the desired end.

In this regard, there is the possibility that several users can appeal the same content justifying different reasons, so in Faceobok they have structured the process so that it is possible, reaching the point that if the Board ignores a user about a content, it can address the appeal of another user about it.

In this regard, Facebook notes that:

Even if the board decides not to hear a case about a particular content, other users can still appeal that same content, so their own voice can be heard on the matter.

Also, if the board takes a case, other users will be able to submit statements to the board, until the board begins deliberations.

To respect the privacy of informants, Facebook points out that the board will only include identifying details of the same in the explanation only in case it has given express permission to do so..

For Facebook, the work of the Supervisory Board is already having a significant impact in terms of compliance with content policies and practices, for which they are working to expand the types of content that users will be able to appeal in the future.

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