Facebook and Instagram will remind you all the time that you wear a mask

Wearing a mask has become the new IQ and tie test. It protects others from the particles that we emit through the nose and mouth, and although we are not infected, and we believe we are immune to the virus, it is a sign of respect for the health of those around us.

It has also become a garment, and fashion is up to date to constantly present new models, as well as a new technological challenge, as we saw yesterday with the translator mask or the one with UV rays.

But no matter how much is said, reported in the media and emphasized about the importance of wearing a mask, there are many who end up forgetting its use, or simply ignore it.

Now it is Facebook who wants to do its big bit with messages repeating at all times the importance of wearing a mask when it is impossible to respect the safety distance from other people.

An alert about people’s news will be prominently displayed on both Facebook and Instagram, along with links to Facebook’s coronavirus information center, as well as the official CDC coronavirus page.

At first they will do it in the United States, where many people do not wear a mask, probably due to ignorance of how it can help prevent the spread of the virus from continuing in that country, the most affected in the world in this pandemic.

Surely if someone ignores the mask by choice, it will not be a Facebook message that makes them change their mind, but it is true that you have to try.

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