Facebook automatically involves users in its facial recognition test in Europe

Image: Notification shared by a user on Twitter

Facebook keeps coming up with privacy-related issues. We have now learned that Facebook has started a test on its facial recognition technology within European territory.

To do this, it has automatically chosen a series of users from Europe, including a journalist, according to TechCrunch, by default activating their participation in these tests and offering them a notification indicating that they are participating in them.

It is worth that the users have the possibility to deactivate their participation in these tests, but the truth is that they have been included in them without their consent, and they are even trying to convince, with misleading phrases, that those Users who decide to go deeper into the configuration options until they find the option to deactivate their participation.

In principle, Facebook pointed out that these tests were to be voluntary. In addition, Facebook intends with its tests to expand the use of its facial recognition technology within European territory, which had to be suspended in 2012 due to European regulations.

Now it intends to resume its use, for which it is already preparing the strategy to try to convince users to allow the use of their technology in their respective user accounts, since by law they will not be able to include them automatically.

According to the aforementioned medium, based on the words of experts, it is quite likely that the evidence could contravene the current regulation on data protection in Europe, without counting on the regulation that will enter into force on May 25, known as GPDR.

For now, it is not known how many users are participating in these tests or where they are from.

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