Facebook begins to allow the export of posts and notes to Google Docs and WordPress

Facebook users will begin to see new control options for managing their data. In this sense, the company has indicated in a new statement that Data Portability Tool, the tool launched in 2019 under the umbrella of the Data Transfer Project, allowing users to export images and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr, Now it begins to also support notes and publications, allowing to select their export to Google Docs,, and theoretically also to Blogger, although this option is not yet available.

By covering more types of content, Facebook has also chosen to rename the tool, now calling itself Transfer Your Information (Transfer your information). Users will find this tool available in Your Facebook information within the configuration options of their Facebook account, in which When accessing, they will be asked again for the password they have on the platform so that, later, they can choose what they want to export and which platforms.

Expanding export possibilities

As in the case of exporting images and videos, for selected publications, Users will be taken to the chosen destination service, where they must also log into it or create a new user account if they do not have one..

Facebook ensures that the transfer of the publications and notes will be carried out from its platform to the chosen destination platform in a secure and private way. In addition, they also promise that they will expand the possibilities by expanding to more types of content and new partners that are arriving in the ecosystem.

In this regard, they also record the need for a regulation to clarify what data should be made portable, that is, what types of data can users take from one platform to another, and who will be responsible for the data once the transfer has been made.

The company brings this issue to the table, to the point of provide your own data portability technical report so that interested parties can send it to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States.

This step is one more that the company takes so that users have more and more tools and controls for managing their data. It will be a matter of waiting for the new announced extensions to arrive.

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