Facebook buys competition from Google Street View

It seems that Facebook wants to compete with the navigation application for the streets of the world par excellence, and for this it has just announced the purchase of Mapillary.

It is not the first move that Facebook makes in the world of maps, in 2019 it opened its artificial intelligence tool to OpenStreetMap users and announced its plans to create a 3D map of the world, something similar to what Niantic commented yesterday. Shortly afterwards he implemented an interactive map to keep users updated with the spread of COVID-19, but what is more impressive now, he has bought the alternative solution to Google Street View.

Mapillary is a street-level imaging platform that scales and automates mapping. It has existed since 2013, and has data from 190 countries, with photos of neighborhoods thanks to users’ cell phones. Mapillary’s software ties together people’s captures to create immersive street-level views, just like Google Street View does, but instead of Google cars, there are people with their mobiles.

All the images on Mapillary have been free to use by anyone for non-commercial purposes, but as of today, they will also be free for commercial users. This means that we can use photos of streets of any city in the world to make our own application and earn money with the theme.

Facebook may include the service on its platform so that we can see business photos on Facebook pages, as well as to drive much more advanced mapping solutions.

Amazon already tried to buy Mapillary years ago, but it seems that it was in the end Facebook who managed to get the icing on a big cake in the map sector.

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