Facebook establishes credibility scores for users when marking fake articles

About three years ago, Facebook opened the possibility that users could collaborate by reporting on those articles that could be considered false, but soon realized that among the users there are some who, more than collaborate, are dedicated to cheating the platform for whatever reason, either because they do not agree with the information themselves that are exposed or, in the worst case, they engage in trolling.

Well, according to a new report from Washington Post, Facebook is giving users a score between zero and one, a credibility score who seeks the purpose of give more importance to those users who actually report fake articles in front of those who usually mark false articles to any article indiscriminately.

This will allow algorithms to determine if an item marked as false deserves to be verified in depth, or in its case, to diminish importance given the low credibility that it has granted the user due to its past, marking as false articles that it has finally been determined as true through the verification processes.

For now, little is known about this credibility score, where it remains to be seen whether this score is available to all users and when this system began to be used, according to the report. VentureBeat.

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