Facebook expands screen sharing function to Messenger for Android and iOS

In the middle of the war to try to offer the best possible video calling solution, especially since Zoom became quite a popular solution in the worst moments of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook again moves tab by expanding the screen sharing function to the Messenger mobile application to enjoy this function in video calls with Messenger and Messenger Rooms, being to date only available in the web and desktop versions.

This expansion is reaching all Messenger users globally, so it will be a matter of days before it reaches everyone. With it, users will be able to share the content of the screen of their mobile devices with family and friends in individual conversations or in group conversations with up to eight people, or up to sixteen in Rooms, through their mobile devices, according to the report. company in a statement.

With this movement, Facebook continues to work to bring people closer together, allowing now that, with this function, users can share live everything they have on the screen, allowing them to relive moments through the photos they have saved on their devices. , to make purchases online, among many other possibilities.

Facebook further notes that shared screens are also available in Messenger Rooms with up to sixteen simultaneous users both on the web and in the desktop application.

And they promise that in the future, the creators of rooms in Rooms will be able to define whether all participants can share their screens or only them, and even increase to a maximum of 50 people with whom users can share screen.

Without a doubt, Facebook does not lower its guard to the improvements that rival video calling tools are making, which are also receiving their good dose of improvements, to the point that, as we pointed out yesterday, Gmail integrates video calling functions for G users. Suite room.

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