Facebook Hotline, this is how you want to compete with Clubhouse

As we already know, many companies want to imitate the Clubhouse model to launch their own audio rooms, something that they have already launched on Telegram and that Twitter is about to go global with Spaces. Facebook couldn’t be left behind, and today launches an experimental Clubhouse competitor called Hotline.

Hotline was developed by Facebook’s experiment department, which creates apps with fresh ideas that are often only in production for a few weeks. We still don’t know if Hotline is here to stay or if it’s just a short audio experiment.

The fact is that in the same way that Twitter Spaces has many differences with Clubhouse, Hotline is not exactly the same either. On the one hand supports video, so that the organizer can allow participants to switch to video to answer a question. This option is not active, but the possibility is visible.

It is important to note that video seems to play a secondary role to audio. The transmissions, as in the clubhouse, are shown in small circles, and users can choose to listen in radio mode or participate as a speaker in the room.

The app is run by Eric Hazzard, who previously developed the Q&A tbh app, which was acquired by Facebook in 2017.

It is focused on questions and answers, and moderators can delete questions and session participants to avoid spam and awkward situations in general.

Another difference is that Hotline automatically record conversations, so there is less anonymity ingredient on the platform.

Something that stands out: users are also asked to identify with your Twitter account, just a Facebook account is not enough.

To participate we have to go to and sign up for the waiting list, although at the moment it only seems to be available in the United States.

Top image from TNW

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