Facebook is now ready to stream music videos

Facebook is already finalizing the final details to compete with YouTube with the transmission of licensed music videos. A dynamic that will premiere next month in the United States.

As TC mentions, Facebook is coordinating efforts with artists to have everything ready before August 1. For this, Facebook works with the pages linked to the artists as a base, since there they upload all the multimedia content that they share with their fans.

The administrators of these pages will have to enable a new setting for Facebook to add the music videos. The idea is to create a complete artist library, so both the videos that belong to the songs and those that are part of the promotion will be included.

When artists grant this permission to Facebook, through settings, they also give it access to a number of performance metrics on auto-generated content. Artists will have some control over this dynamic, for example, they can delete videos that they do not want to be shown, edit the automatically generated content, among other actions.

Artists and Page administrators have a deadline of August 1 to adjust the settings and enable the necessary permissions for Facebook to do the process. If they don’t, Facebook will automatically create a separate page with the artist’s videos. And of course, this page will be managed by Facebook.

In either case, Facebook will ensure that the videos are shown to users in different sections. And of course, Facebook Watch will be one of the destinations for these music videos. At the moment, Facebook has not commented on it, so we will have to wait to see the premiere of this new initiative in the United States.

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