Facebook is testing business recommendations in the news feed

Facebook is bringing business recommendations to the news feed. And to do so, he’s piloting a new discovery tool for you to find new business as you go through the news and posts.

And on the other hand, this new dynamic is designed to give visibility to businesses without resorting to advertising on the platform.

New Facebook tool to recommend businesses

Facebook wants you to discover new business while browsing the News Feed with a new discovery feature. Of course, these recommendations will be based on your preferences, so first ask you to select the topics that interest you for your personalized suggestions.

Once you set this option, yes Facebook will show this new business discovery tool between posts and announcements in the News Feed. As you can see in the images above, these ads will be very visual with photos related to the businesses that are promoted on the platform.

If you are interested in any of the suggestions, you can select it to see more information about that business or see other similar proposals. And of course, serve so that Facebook knows how to target the ads taking into account the tastes expressed by each user. A strategy that seems to anticipate the iOS 14 update, which requires users to be asked for permission to collect and share data.

At the moment, this new dynamic is just a test that is being carried out in the United States, so it will take time until it is implemented in more territories. On the other hand, the Facebook team announced a series of new tools to manage commercial pages from the application.

And in the future, more options will be added that will help those who manage business pages create and schedule relevant content for their audiences.

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