Facebook launches new tool to edit post links

Last month we discussed one of the measures the Facebook team was testing to prevent fake news on the platform: limiting link editing options.

Now they reinforce the bet with new guidelines that begin to apply from the date. You can no longer modify the preview of the links that are shared through the pages on Facebook.

Starting today, non-editor pages will no longer be able to replace link metadata (such as title, description, or image) in the API or in the page editor.

As we see, there is an exception to this limitation: the Publisher Pages. They will still be able to personalize the way they present content to their audience, but with a new dynamic.

They will have a new tool within the publishing options, called Link Ownership, which will help them edit the links they share on Facebook.

In this first stage they will focus on the page of media publishers, due to the dynamics of their Facebook posts. However, those pages that do not respect the new guidelines and use the new tool to generate spam or spread false news will lose that privilege.

We can read more details of these changes at this link.

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