Facebook launches new tools for creators to monetize their videos

Facebook announced new tools and features for creators to monetize their content.

Taking into account that most creators and media are basing their strategy on content in videos and online events, it has presented a series of novelties that make it easier for them to earn money on the platform using different formats.

On the one hand, Facebook is expanding the star options and fan subscriptions so that the audience supports their favorite creators in different ways. For example, users can buy stars to show their support on live broadcasts, or they can pay a monthly subscription.

Another of the novelties of Facebook is focused on helping creators to create, promote and monetize their live events, through the modality of paid online events. At the moment, this is just an announcement, as we will start testing with a few pages in the next few weeks.

Facebook has also emphasized that there are new formats for monetizing video content with ads. This applies to both published videos and live videos. And as a bonus, Creator Studio adds a series of new tools for creators to manage the performance of their video content.

For example, they can see different statistics on the number of views in the first 48 hours after their publication, traffic sources, interaction generated, among other data. All these statistics will help to improve the strategy for creating and publishing the next videos.

Along with these tools will also offer automatic suggestions with tips for creators to consider when managing their presence on the platform.

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