Facebook now allows you to define who can comment on your posts

In social networks there is always the possibility of receiving unwanted comments about those publications that you have wanted to share openly, and while some social networks have been bringing control mechanisms, or granular controls, such as the ones you want to call, to establish who can make comments on the Their own public access publications, such as Twitter, on Facebook there has been no such possibility, until now, despite the fact that Instagram, also on Facebook, has had control mechanisms over comments for publications and stories for a long time.

But from now on, Facebook’s main application offers the ability to limit who can comment on individual posts shared publicly on the platform, that is, it is a control mechanism that users can subsequently use, and individually, on each publication they make on the platform under public visibility.

According to Facebook:

Now, you can control your audience for comments for a given public post by choosing from a menu of options ranging from anyone who can view the post to just the people and pages that you tag.

As we see in the Facebook illustration, users can choose between Public, Friends, and Profiles and mentioned pages through this new control that they will find behind the menu that they can display by touching the three-point icon that they will find in each publication in the corner. Upper right.

With this mechanism, users will be able to reach avoid receiving potential spam comments, being of special interest for those prominent users and public figures who simply want to share something openly inadvertently face negative comments that they may potentially receive, allowing them to participate more safely within the platform.

But today, Facebook also announced new controls that allow users to control what they want to see on their walls, with the Favorites function, which allows you to choose up to a total of 30 profiles and pages so that their contents are prioritized on the wall, and the new filter Most Recent, which sorts posts chronologically, allowing users to switch between algorithmic and chronological organization, something that has also been possible on Twitter for some time.

And lastly, Facebook better explain the reasons why they add posts as suggestions on users’ walls, which are added to the posts of friends and groups and pages that follow.

For now, all these news are focused on Facebook mobile applications, although it is possible that over time they may also reach the web.

Image Credit: Facebook

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