Facebook now tests the integration of Reels in its main application

It may sound like a joke but it’s true. Facebook Inc. has started testing in India that some creators also have the ability to post their short Reels videos on the walls of the main Facebook application.

With this, from Facebook Inc. they intend that some prominent creators in India can reach a much wider audience, taking into account that Instagram has 165 million users there, while Facebook has more than 350 million users.

Trying to grow Reels as an alternative to TikTok

It should be noted that India is the main market for Facebook, so it uses this market to grow some of its more current services. In this regard, it should also be said that Facebook is in a fairly favorable situation in India as TikTok is not allowed, which was banned in that market along with 58 other applications due to its link to China, in June of last year. .

For now, a small group of selected creators participate in these tests, including some of the most important creators in that market, who have a large number of followers, seeking to cover a greater number of outstanding creators in the future.

The news has been confirmed by Instagram itself to the Bloomberg publication, where in addition, Facebook is also proceeding to change the name of its short video format to Reels from Facebook.

Reel publications on Facebook walls will appear in the same format in which they are offered to Instagram users, and creators will be able to create their content using Facebook tools.

We are already used to the company, led by Mark Zuckerberg, trying to copy the workings of the most successful applications that are not available within its ecosystem with the aim of bringing everything that interests users into their own backyard. services.

In this regard, it is more than known the constant copies that it has been making of the Snapchat functions, and that now go for TikTok, since it is the most popular short video application of the moment, despite the growth of alternatives, although They still have a long way to go to reach a similar height, despite the fact that TikTok also continues to advance in new initiatives that allow it to generate greater distance from its rivals.

Image Credit: Instagram

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