Facebook Offers Three New Assurance Features for App Developers

It usually happens that if you are a developer of applications for Facebook, you may find that a series of people do not like some or all of your developments, so that through their negative votes you can see your applications disabled, with the consequent economic damage that it may cause you. Facebook already changed the weighting of negative comments at the end of last month, but still it has not been created idly, and in the face of future competition from Google+, Facebook wants there to be more justice with those negative votes, weighing them in such a way to regain the trust of developers and do not see their applications closed unfairly. That is why it has released three new functions: New feedback metrics It is an analytical system where developers can graphically verify the reception of positive and negative responses from users, being able to evaluate the impact in order to take action on it. Granular application This is a function whereby if the same application receives negative feedback through a single social channel, Facebook may disable the capabilities of that application with respect to that channel. Off mode With this function, Facebook intends that once an application is removed, it is no longer available to users but accessible to developers, allowing them to make all the necessary changes to improve it. This prevents the complete disappearance of said application. There are three new characteristics that we hope will give their results in order not to create unnecessary damage to the applications developed, we will see how their effectiveness passes. Goes: AllFacebook

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