Facebook prepares a section for teenagers, with memes and gifs

Facebook is preparing a new bet, to retain its younger audience.

As mentioned in TC, Facebook is trying to implement a new section on the platform, called LOL. This section combines memes, GIFs, and of course, funny videos. All of this content will be curated from meme pages, and will be presented in different categories.

And, if the user wishes, he can upload his own content or put the URL to send them to LOL. The dynamics seems to follow the same that we will find on the platform, with different content proposals, and a personalized section according to the user's tastes and interests. These suggestions will become a constant source of discovery, which seeks to keep young people entertained for a long time.

If you spend time browsing the Instagram Stories, you will find some similarity in the way of going through all the options that LOL presents, almost effortlessly, scrolling the contents. On the other hand, users will have three options to indicate if the content seemed fun, was good, or they did not like it, among other reactions.

And of course, the options to share in the Messenger or in the Facebook feed will be present. At the moment, this new proposal is in beta phase, being tested by a group of teenagers from the USA. We will see if this initiative has a future, or remains like other of the many Facebook tests that are forgotten.

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