Facebook revealed its goals with Augmented Reality for the next 10 years

Augmented reality was one of the technologies subject to a great boost during the past year, consolidating its growing appearance in initiatives in the area during previous years. For this reason, it is on the development radar of several companies, including Facebook.

Through its Reality Labs, the company behind the social network presented the plans they have for the development of light glasses, which will eventually allow their users to communicate through their platform.

The concept behind Facebook’s dreamy AR glasses

The ideas shared by Facebook on this matter are projected over a period of 10 years. Its main objective is to develop, through 3D glasses, the possibility of developing a complete communication experience, without permanently depending on a computer, telephone or smart watch.

Facebook’s reputation continues to suffer from controversies in its past. For this reason, these new advances were presented framed in a declaration of principles that seeks to highlight the responsibilities assumed by the company.

Because these glasses must be highly ethical and easy to use, Facebook is committed to developing a private, safe, easy to use, reliable and comfortable device.

To help ensure development within an ethical range, the laboratory has developed a set of principles of accountability for innovation. These principles contemplate as a requirement of the experiences generated the eradication of surprises in their products. When using the device, there should be no hidden functions and its controls should be presented in a transparent and understandable way to users. Also, these new products must take into account the universality of their potential users, prioritizing the rights of the community over commercial interests.

Through a conceptual video, Facebook presented some ideas they have in their portfolio to develop this type of experiences.

The examples of use of these future glasses, presented in the clip, contemplate the taking of photographs directly from the device, the sample of clothing recommendations according to the weather forecast of the day, the possibility of controlling the temperature of others. devices (a car appears as an example in the video), the sample of aisle guides of establishments such as supermarkets, the ability to identify plants or other objects and even the deployment of tutorials or guides on activities developed at the time (such as tasks of construction, according to the video). To this are added accessibility functions, such as the ability to recognize the colors of a traffic light and the implementation of a light adjustment system, to read text on paper under any conditions.

An example presented from Facebook, illustrating how these glasses will work, shows the hypothetical case of visiting your favorite coffee maker. Upon entering the premises, as long as it supports an automated purchasing system, these devices can immediately request your favorite drink. If there is noise around you, thinking that it is a public space, the internal audio monitors can filter out some of the excess noise, to facilitate conversations.

Through an assistant, these glasses could also access the user’s contact list and calendar, which would allow managing calls and reminders without the need to do it with the support of another device, such as a computer or a mobile phone.

The glasses that Facebook wants to develop will not be limited to the perspective of a computer, as they say. Instead of imposing a canon of personality and communication, this new system uses AI resources to follow the regular routine of its user and adapt to its lexicon, learning from the daily activities of the user.

Facebook announced that they will continue to share previews of their goals in this area, which was installed as one of their research and development pillars. Without going too far, they have already announced that they will discontinue some soft robotics projects, to focus their energies on promoting this type of technology.

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