Facebook shows a bracelet that translates nerve signals into digital commands

The Facebook team showed two bracelets prototypes that use nerve signals to move around the Augmented Reality interface and control digital elements.

Yes, without moving your fingers you can control an interface or Augmented Reality device using a dynamic that develops through your wrists.

This is how Facebook wants you to interact with augmented reality in the future

This dynamic proposed by the bracelet is based on a technique called electromyography, as explained by the Facebook team:

EMG (electromyography) uses sensors to translate electric motor nerve signals that travel from the wrist to the hand into digital commands that you can use to control the functions of a device.

And as illustrated in the video they share in the Facebook post, this bracelet can interpret the electrical activity that is generated when the brain issues a command to the hand, and translate it into a digital command to perform an action in Augmented Reality.

That is, you may not even have to move a finger, since this bracelet will read your intentions to perform a certain movement, thanks to the fact that it interprets the electrical activity that is generated from the nervous stimulation of the wrist. You think of an action, and the device executes it for you:

That means entry can be effortless. Ultimately, it may even be possible to feel only the intention of moving a finger.

In this first stage, they will be based on an interaction generated from gestures based on movements, but they hope to advance much more.

The idea is that any interaction with virtual interfaces can be completely controlled. And they even mention, for example, that it is possible to type at high speed on a virtual keyboard, surpassing the dynamics that we can carry out on any keyboard.

At the moment, these experiments are in their early stages, so we will have to wait for new reports from Facebook to know their evolution.

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