Facebook tests a new design for pages

Facebook begins a new stage of its design test for pages. The idea behind this change is to offer both users and page administrations a simpler way to interact and view relevant information.

As seen in the images, the profile of the page will focus only on relevant information about the brand so that the user can see it with a simple glance. For example, one of the details you will notice is that the Like button disappears in the new layout.

A count that does not give real information about the current condition of the page, since the Likes could simply be an automatic action of the users. However, the number of followers is maintained because it is understood that the user still maintains interest, since he wants to receive updates about the page.

On the other hand, there are also changes that will help administrators to manage the page by simplifying some actions. For example, they can activate permissions based on specific tasks to not give absolute permission on all actions on the page.

And a detail that Facebook has taken into account, to simplify the work of administrators, is to group updates in notifications. In this way, they will receive block notifications with a series of actions (mentions, reactions, etc.) that have been developed over a period of time.

It will also be easier to track statistics and see how posts are performing. Along with new sections, new data types and metrics are added. At the moment, all these features are part of a test of Facebook in the mobile application with a small group of pages.

Image credit Facebook

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