Facebook tests a peer-to-peer payments experience within Messenger in the US.

Facebook is starting to test its new experience of payments between individuals with Facebook Pay between users of (Facebook) Messenger in the United States. This experience consists in the use of QR codes for scanning from the mobile camera to send or request money between individuals within Facebook, in a similar way to how payment systems between individuals work on other platforms.

Also, the new experience It also incorporates personalized payment links, so that interested parties can share externally to Facebook, either in the biography of other social networks, in the signature of emails, among other possible places, for the same purpose as the use of QR codes within Facebook: make it possible to send and request money between individuals.

Expanding Facebook Pay within Facebook services

The TechCrunch publication has officially learned that this feature is currently in testing phase among Messenger users in the United States, for which a spokesperson has stated only the following:

To make Messenger payments even easier, we’ve started testing people’s ability to use QR codes and payment links when they want to send or request money.

The participants, in addition to being within the United States, They must also be users over 18 years of ageThe minor must have a Visa or Mastercard debit card, or a Paypal account, an accepted prepaid card, or a card issued by the government, in order to use the new function.

In this way, Facebook is expanding Facebook Pay payment experiences in other areas of its applications and services, being currently available for donations and for purchases within the Facebook Marketplace, among other places, although at least for the moment, it will function separately from the expected cryptocurrency wallet experience, although it may be that in the future they may work together, you never know, especially when for the moment, from Facebook they have not wanted to provide more information about it.

It so happens that the new experience has started to appear to some users, as the publication MacRumors first reported.

It is not surprising that Facebook is interested in continuing to increase the presence of Facebook Pay in its services, although in its current terms, platforms such as Paypal, among others, are not seen as competition.

It will be a question that within some time they can provide data in this regard, as they are used to with many of their launches.

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