Facebook users could start earning money with their posts

Facebook has been showing a survey to various users of its social network, survey with questions related to ways to interact with users, earn money, ask for donations and other topics that can be read in the screenshots published in The Verge.

Everything seems to indicate that the company wants to increase the quality of the publications and the way to relate verified users (so far only they have received the survey) with their followers and contacts. We already know that the publications that bet on the Instant Articles They will have the possibility to include advertising in the texts, and we also know that verified pages can share certain sponsored content, but this would be the first action focused on making people, not brands, earn money with their platform.

Of course, We are not talking about the possibility that our brother will earn millions by sharing cat videos., and yes with special publications made by verified users, in a format that will surely attract attention in some way to differentiate it from the rest.

At the moment it is only a survey, not a real project, but if Facebook is capturing the opinion of users in this regard, it is because the idea is on the table.

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