Facebook will notify you if the news you are going to share is old

Facebook is implementing a new platform change to combat misinformation and offer up-to-date and relevant content to users.

Following the same dynamic that Twitter announced a few weeks ago, Facebook wants users to be aware of the content they share, especially if it is news.

With just one click, users can share any story with an attention-grabbing headline, but most don’t take the time to read the post. So you may be sharing questionable content or outdated information to your friends and contacts.

Facebook has already taken several measures to prevent fake news from going viral, and now it’s the turn of the second problem: posts with old news that go viral as if they were from the day. To avoid this, Facebook will alert the user when it detects that they share a post older than 90 days, as you see in the image.

While it does not prevent the person from sharing the post, it does give you an opportunity to consider whether a story that is no longer relevant and may cause confusion among your friends is worth sharing. So it can be useful for distracted users who just get carried away by an eye-catching headline.

This new measure is part of the different Facebook initiatives to offer more context to the news that is shared on the platform. Following this line, in the coming months new dynamics will be added focused on the publications about COVID-19 that are shared on the platform.

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