Facebook won’t notify its users if they were part of its latest massive leak

One of the great news from the tech world in recent days is the latest massive leak data from Facebook, which compromised the personal information associated with the profiles of more than 500 million users around the world.

Given this critical scenario, an official clarification has already been issued by the social network, in which they affirmed that they do not have among their plans to notify each affected user individually.

Overall, the data filtering contains data that in principle, Facebook had the ability to protect, given its content. Information included may include birthdays, locations, full names, and phone numbers.

The compromised information did not include financial data, health information or passwords, as claimed by Facebook.

Without going too far, even Mark Zuckerberg himself I suffered part of these consequences.

In statements issued to the agency Reuters by a company spokesperson after the social network, the determination was confirmed not to notify its affected users about this situation.

Facebook claims to have reasons to deny these notifications

Although this determination could eventually unleash some annoyance among potentially affected Internet users, Facebook justified its determination. Before Reuters, the company spokesman commented that he did not feel sure which users would need to be notified. He also pointed out that in his perception, users do not have the ability to solve the problem.

In addition to these statements, the company has not exercised any other type of similar spokesperson before the press, declining any subsequent contact with the aforementioned.

It is already known that this leak dates from 2019. In the aforementioned statements, Facebook also confirmed that it covered the hole after identifying the problem at that time.

Given the uncertainty that this can cause in any Facebook user, given the magnitude of this incident, it is advisable to take immediate action, if you have not done so before. An immediate and effective action is to make sure to change the password of your Facebook account, even when making sure that that data was not subjected to this leak. To create a good password, you can follow these tips. Complementarily, you can also verify unofficially through portals such as Have i been pwned if your account details are compromised.

The data collected, although it does not in itself compromise access to your accounts, supposedly, could still provide valuable information for hacks, scams or other types of abuse. For this reason, it is extremely important to be cautious about any abnormal activity in your digital spectrum.

Likewise, with this episode a case remains open in which it is still unknown what consequences this situation could bring for the company, both at the level of social approval, trust in the platform and even at the judicial level.

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