Fake AirPods arrive, a trendy accessory that doesn't sound

Fake AirPods arrive, a trendy accessory that doesn't sound

AirPods serve more than just listening to music; They are also a fashion accessory, a statement of intent and a way to pretend.

That is one of the reasons why there are so many clones, especially from China. And it’s the same reason that there are fake iPhones or Apple branded cases for Android phones. Apple represents more than just a technology company; it is also a social status and personal style.

Many people put on AirPods even if they are not going to listen to music, simply for the sake of having them. This aesthetic is gaining strength among the youngest, to the point that there are already fashion accessories that imitate them.

Fake AirPods, a fashion accessory

Fashion retail chain ASOS has unveiled a product that fits very well with that trend. They are fake headphones, finished in silver and that do not have any electronic component.

Therefore, they neither connect to your smartphone nor sound. You just wear them to your ear like any other earphone, and wear them like earrings or a necklace; they are simply decorative.

Of course, ASOS does not use the AirPod brand to define them; He just calls them “headphones”, and the truth is, they’ve tried to move away from Apple’s design, presumably to avoid lawsuits. When you look at the details, you realize that they are inspired by ordinary headphones; in fact, it looks like they’re not even wireless headphones, judging by the cable coming out from the bottom.

These fake headphones cost about $ 9.50 on the official ASOS website in the US; at the moment there is no news on whether they will reach other networks in the rest of the world. But to be honest, we would be surprised if some Chinese store didn’t already offer a version more similar to AirPods. Or if not, for a little more than these fake headphones cost you can always buy clones of the AirPods.

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