FeedBurner will start to modernize, but it loses its email service

While it is true that users can follow the news of their favorite publications through the main social networks, from mobile applications specialized in news, or even from messaging applications (Telegram, Line, SafeChat, …) through their respective channels, among other ways, there was a time when it was also common for users to subscribe to their favorite publications through their RSS channels within specialized applications such as Feedly, Inoreader, NewsBlur, among many other options, although nowadays something similar is done for tracking your favorite podcasts.

In this sense, many content publications on the web have used FeedBurner over time to distribute their RSS channels among users, which also saves them bandwidth consumption on their servers, among other advantages.

Some changes that seek to keep the service active

FeedBurner is a service born in 2004, which has been in the hands of Google for almost fourteen years, being one of the great forgotten by the company, to the point of maintaining the same user interface from primitive times, as we see in the image that This article illustrates (the most significant visual change was in 2010).

But this situation is about to change, as Google has announced that in July it will begin to transition to a more modern and stable infrastructure, and with it will disappear what they understand as nonessential feed management functions.

They already warn that email newsletters will disappear among these functions, urging publication owners to take the email subscriptions they have in FeedBurner to other services, whose data can be downloaded even after the month of July.

For users who follow the news through RSS channels with FeedBurner, there will be no changes, keeping the current existing RSS channels, also allowing the creation of new RSS channels, in addition to changing the URL, changing the original feed, the title, and even podcast metadata for feeds.

According to Google, there will also be basic analytical functions and the ability to create tags for mp3 files. If anyone has wondered about the future of FeedBurner, given that in all these years it has not even had a facelift, coming to think that it could close at any time, now there is hopeful news that the service will maintain its continuity, for which from Google they urge you to follow the information in the Help Center about the changes and next steps to follow.

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