Feedly has a DDOS attack again and is inoperative

Feedly has a DDOS attack again and is inoperative

Nightmare for Feedly. If yesterday the service was down for more than twelve hours due to a DDOS attack, today history is repeating itself with a second round of attacks that, now, leaves the company in a bad place. Although Feedly is a victim in these cases, a constant every one of your servers will sooner or later cause users to tire and opt for alternatives. On social media, there are even those who show their anger directly to the company.

History repeats

The case is very similar to yesterday, in which the servers of the RSS service were unable to respond to requests from legitimate users due to an enormous number of requests made by attackers. According to Feedly, hethe attackers asked for a certain amount of money to stop their attack, something the company refused.

At the moment it is unknown if this attack has occurred by the same group, although it is most likely. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the company, which you sure don’t want to lose another half day. Will they pay? At the moment they assure that they are working with their service provider to recover the service.

Updated: Feedly service returns

Feedly has announced that the second wave of DDOS attack has been neutralized and services are available again. The company has reconfirmed that those responsible ask for money to abandon the attacks, but will not meet their demands.

Updated June 13, 2014

Feedly has fallen again due to a DDOS attack. It has been three days in a row with problems and it does not seem that this situation will end soon. The company has not yet made any statement in this regard.

Source | Feedly

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