Fendouzhe: Submersible created by china with capacity to reach 10 thousand meters of depth

Uncovering the mysteries of the sea has been one of the objectives proposed by man for many centuries, a situation that motivated him to build all mechanisms and devices to achieve it.

One of them was the submarine, a vehicle that allowed him to reach depths he would never have imagined reaching.

Another type of vehicle that arrived over time were submersibles, which also made marine exploration possible at great depths, although with limited capabilities compared to submarines.

In this context, China has recently unveiled the construction of an imposing-looking submersible, which they have christened Fendouzhe (The Fighter).

The fendouzhe has been equipped with the capacity to transport up to a maximum of 3 people, who may have the possibility of reaching a depth of 10,000 meters on board. This means that the Fendouzhe can easily reach the famous Mariana Trench, located about 10,994 meters deep.

It should be noted that, despite its size, this type of submersible has a shorter length than that of a submarine.

Another aspect in which the Fendouzhe is reduced compared to the submarine is in its autonomy. However, the exploration time offered by this vehicle is sufficient to be able to carry out oceanographic tasks, either through manned or unmanned versions of this vehicle (marine drones), which can operate autonomously or assisted. remote form.

The descents to this depth are not a popular activity due to pressure, much less one that can be contemplated for tourist purposes, a situation that they hope can be changed with the launch of the Fendouzhe submersible.

Four years was the time it took the team in charge to finish the construction of the Fendouzhe submersible.

For the assignment of his name, a public presentation was carried out, but not before putting it to the test in the month of March, when he made his first dive.

A total of 25 missions have been successfully carried out by the Fendouzhe submersible according to what was expressed by the team in charge, thus marking the starting point for what could be the beginning of a new stage in marine exploration, putting them within the reach of anyone.

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