Fenix, the elegant Twitter client, disappears from the Play Store because of Twitter

A new victim of Twitter's token system.

Fenix ​​for Twitter, an elegant Twitter client that aims to offer a much more practical experience of managing profiles, timelines, messages, links and other multimedia content than that offered by the official Android application, has had to close its doors after exceeding the minimum Limit of accesses granted by Twitter to third parties who want to use their API.

The idea is that, to promote its official application, Twitter specifically a few years ago a maximum point of accesses or tokens that developers can take advantage of in their creations: 100,000. And, like other applications, the popularity of Fenix ​​for Twitter, which by the way is a paid app, allowed its teams to exceed that amount in recent days. Then, from 100.001, there will be no more space for new users.

So the people of Fenix ​​for Twitter did the right thing to unsubscribe the application from the Play Store to prevent new users from paying for it and then take the bad news that it did not work for them. That is, existing customers will be able to continue using the tool without any problem, however, since they do not have a place to promote themselves to continue growing and remain profitable, the most probable thing is that the updates will stop arriving, thus approaching the outcome. of the application.[Goes: Android Police]

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