Files by Google adds a function so that you do not lose your important files on your mobile

Google’s file manager for Android is being updated with an option to help you keep track of your important files.

This new function adds to the rest of the application options that allows you to manage files from your mobile.

So you can save your favorite files from Google Files

Files automatically organizes all the images, videos, audios, documents and apps that we have on the mobile. So you can scroll through these categories, manage the files, and even delete them.

And if you want to keep documents and files private, you can opt for the Secure Folder. You just go through a small step of putting in a PIN and voila. And now a new option is added that allows us to have our favorite files in one place.

Yes, those files that you do not want to lose sight of, or waste time looking for it all over the mobile. For this dynamic, the application now adds a Favorites folder. And this option has a plus, since all the files that you save in this folder will not be affected by the automatic analysis carried out by the app to suggest files to delete.

So you can save in this section those files that you don’t want to lose carelessly, without resorting to the security option. To save any file to Favorites, you only need to choose them from the Files app, select the three dots menu and choose Add to Favorites.

And of course, inside the Favorites folder you will find options to sort the files and filter them under different criteria. This new feature is in the latest version of Files, so just take a look at Google Play to make sure you already have the latest update available.

And this is not all, since as mentioned in Xda Developers, Google will be preparing other functions to renew the Files interface, among other novelties.

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