Files by Google adds a function to keep files safe and private

Google is releasing an interesting feature for Files, its file manager for Android.

Although most mobiles have a native option to keep certain files with extra security, Files now makes it easier for you by implementing the Secure Folder function.

This function allows you to save in one place all those files that you want to keep private. The dynamics is very simple, since just by selecting them you can take your files to the Secure Folder and protect them with a 4-digit PIN. In this way, you can save images, videos, documents, files, etc.

Every time you add new content to the Safe Folder, Files will ask you to enter the PIN that you set when you set up the feature. And the same process will be repeated when you consult some of the saved files.

And of course, you have the freedom to move the files and return them to their original location. One detail to keep in mind is that all the files that you save in the Secure Files Folder will be available only in that place. That is, they disappear from galley or any other file manager. This is an interesting dynamic, as it ensures that no one will be able to access them.

However, keep in mind that if you delete the Files application you will also be deleting the protected files using this function. And you will no longer have a way to get it back. So be sure to take a look at Secure Folder before removing the app from your mobile device.

As mentioned by the Google team, this new feature is starting to roll out in the beta version of Files, rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks.

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