Filtered images of Gmail redesign for G Suite with productivity integrations

Email continues to be the most important productivity tool for work centers, which is why Google is finalizing the redesign of Gmail for G Suite customers, seeking to unify different productivity tools in the same application, according to the slides that Google will show in an online event in the next Cloud Next ’20, and that have just been shared / filtered by the developer Tahin Rahman on his Twitter profile.

These slides also coincide with information published at the end of last January by The Information, noting that Google was working on a unified business client application.

In them it looks like Gmail integrate Chat and Meet communication functions together with Google Docs functions within your own application, both at the web desktop level and through its mobile application for Android and iOS.

To do this, Gmail offer sections dedicated to Mail, Chat, Room and Meet, which in the case of the desktop, will be available through a side panel, while in the mobile application, they will be available through their corresponding tabs at the bottom of the screen.

The first section will offer access to email messages, while the second will allow you to offer instant messaging conversations, the third will offer a Slack-style group chat experience, and the last will allow you to offer access to the video calling function.

In addition, it allows working directly with the documents that come with the messages, even collaboratively in coordination with other users, without having to go to Google Docs to carry out the edits, in which it is even to have video calls simultaneously.

To completely get out of doubt, we just have to wait for Cloud Next ’20 is held on July 21 to know all the details. We do not know if Google intends to offer these integrations also to end users, taking into account that Meet has already been integrated for them, and if there is the possibility that those services that do not want to use can be deactivated, among other issues.

Image credit: Tahin Rahman

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