Finding better meeting dates in Google Calendar for Android is now easier

Currently, you can perform a series of tasks directly from mobile devices instead of having to wait to be in front of a laptop or desktop computer, although there are still tasks where it is better to perform them from the computers themselves.

Under this premise, from Google they want to make it easier to find the best possible time for scheduling meetings by attending to the characteristics of each and every one of the guests, even if they are in different time zones.

In this sense, Google Apps for Work or Education users will now have the Find a time function in Google Calendar for Android with which they can find the best possible times to schedule the meetings they want to carry out.In addition, in case there could be a conflict with the schedules of some guests, the function itself will detect it in its analysis so that users can change the celebration of their meetings to the best possible dates.

In any case, users will be in control at all times, where they will make the final decision based on the circumstances they encounter at any time.

From Google point out that they are also working to bring this function to iPhone, and in addition, it is also working to develop easier ways of scheduling meetings through the web.

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