Firefox is updated with more privacy-focused features

Mozilla released a new version of Firefox that is now available to all users.

We have already seen that the latest versions of the browser are privacy-focused, and Firefox 87.0 is no exception.

New Firefox options focused on privacy and security

One of the novelties that this version brings is SmartBlock. Mozilla mentions that it is a new dynamic that contributes to keeping browsing private through an intelligent blocking of trackers. In other words, this mechanism for blocking website trackers does not affect those components that are essential for the pages to load and function correctly.

So Mozilla’s goal with SmartBlock is to maintain privacy without affecting the web browsing experience. On the other hand, in this version the new HTTP referral policy is also being implemented:

Trim the path and query string information from referrer headers to prevent sites from accidentally leaking sensitive user data.

To understand how this new policy works in response to browsing requests, Mozilla illustrates it with this image:

You will not have to perform any action for the web browser to implement this dynamic, since from the new version it will be activated by default.

And of course, some minor changes have also been added that improve the user experience in some of the activities carried out on the web. For example, it has a new feature called Highlight All that will help users easily find the words they are looking for on a page by indicating their position on the scroll bar.

All these new features are available with the arrival of Firefox 87.0, so you only need to update your web browser for the new functions to be implemented.

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