Fischer launches its electric bicycles in Spain

With an average manufacturing of 60 thousand electric bicycles a year and around 500 thousand units circulating throughout Europe, the German company Fischer has established itself since 2012 as one of the benchmarks in the sector, dedicating itself to providing its customers with a wide variety of models: from urban bikes to trekking and mountain bikes.

Well now this German company has decided to expand and make its way into the Spanish market by making its electric bicycles available in this region from Vic Sports.

Fischer electric bicycles are characterized by using in their manufacture parts corresponding to well-known brands within the sector such as Shimano, SRAM, Bosch, which represent the perfect complement for your electric motor, so that their maintenance and the possibility of finding spare parts will be something your users will have no trouble dealing with.

The technological level deployed by Fischer in its electric bicycles is of the highest standards, reflecting not only in the final product, but also in its ecosystem. They have electric batteries made up of independent cells, also having a guarantee that gives these coverage for 3 years. Added to this, an app that allows the user to carry out configuration and diagnostic tasks on the electric bicycle.

Fischer electric bicycles are supported by a community of users who have made possible the development of a planning system with which to determine if the level of energy stored in the electric bicycle is sufficient to complete a set route.

Taking this into account, it is expected that, in its consolidation process in Spain, Fischer will take the initiative to generate the region’s maps in the short term.

Added to this, Fischer is expected to continue to scale within the industry with the implementation of enhancements, as well as updates associated with the application of Bluetooth and QR codes that facilitate the obtaining of diagnostics related to the performance of its electric bikes.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these electric bicycles, you may already have the opportunity to do so by entering the official Vic Sports website, where the company has promised a future expansion of this range.

It only remains to wait for the Fischer electric bicycles to make their official debut in Spain and thus verify the level of receptivity that they will have once they are put on sale, although it is likely that they will not have it so easy since they could end up rivaling the HIMO Xiaomi C26, next to enter the European market in a few months.

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