Fitbit Flyer: the new Bluetooth headphones for sports

Fitbit Flyer: the new Bluetooth headphones for sports

Fitbit has not only released a smart watch and a new scale today. They have also introduced wireless headphones, the Fitbit Flyer, and this is all you need to know about them.

Music is an essential part of the routine of many when they play sports. Whether it’s working out in the gym, running, cycling, or even swimming, for many people it is necessary to exercise with music. This is why many brands have started releasing sweat and water resistant headphones, perfect for physical exercise.

Fitbit is one of the brands that comes to mind when we talk about technology and exercise. For them this should not have gone unnoticed tendency to relate exercise and music. So said and done: Fitbit has released some wireless earphones for exercise, the new Fitbit Flyer.

The new Fitbit wireless headphones

You can see the new Fitbit headphones, the Fitbit Flyer, in the images that accompany this article. They are composed of two drivers that give the sound to our ears, linked by an adjustable cable that rests on the neck. The right earpiece has a remote with controls and a dual microphone for making calls.

These headphones are wireless and are spoken to our devices throughBluetooth, It can even work independently using the Fitbit Ionic. They have a hydrophobic coating to make them water resistant and sweat. And they promise up 6 hours of playback,with one hour of playback for every 15 minutes of charge.

The Fitbit Flyers are now available through the Fitbit online store for 129.95 in gray and gold colors. At the moment the Spanish website only accepts reservation requests, with a Estimated shipping date 4-5 weeks. The press release indicates that in October of this year they will reach the whole world.

Fitbit has not only introduced headphones today. They have also presented their first smart watch, also specialized in exercise. In addition to one new version of your connected scale by WiFi. You can read the details about each device by clicking on the links you have just below.

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